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When you visit Karen Blixen Camp be sure to meet the committed staff of Karen Blixen Camp Trust. Numerous Karen Blixen Camp employees donate their time and skills to the Trust activities, so your donation will go 100 % to Trust activities of your choice.

Meet the Trust Staff:

Benedict Walubengo  is the Trust contact person in the camp. He is the administrator of the Karen Blixen Camp Trust Education Initiative. He also serves as a language teacher of English and German. He is a tremendous resource for the community around Mararianta especially for the Mararianta Women’s Beading Project for which he has been teaching the women basic English. The staff at Karen Blixen Camp also benefits from Benedict´s presence as they have German and English language lessons with him on a daily basis at the camp.

King’oo Kelvin  is a teacher of Computer Skills who is adept at fostering a positive learning environment for all students. He is well-versed in using wide ranges of techniques and teaching modalities to ensure that all students learn effectively at their own pace. He teaches three courses, which include Information Technology (IT), Entrepreneurship, and Business Mathematics to students of all ages.

Bonnyventure Joech is a Lecturer and Professional Chef within the School of Culinary Arts within the Karen Blixen Camp Trust Education Initiative. Joech consults nationally on the essentials of modern kitchens and food hygiene and safety. He was the best overall Food Production student at Kenya Utalii College, gaining highest distinctions in the 2010 class examinations.




We and our partner organizations function in a collaborative relationship to work toward shared objectives. Such arrangements allow KBCT and our partners to deliver more effective and practical solutions to issues of collective concern. We and our partners are guided by a shared vision and purpose that builds trust and recognizes the value and contribution of each entity towards achieving mutual goals.

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