Maasai Christmas Decorations


Women’s Group Expands Business to Include Christmas Decorations in traditional Maasai beadwork. The Trust is supporting the initiative.

The Maasai Rianda Women Group is constantly developing new designs for its bead products to create additional income for the women.

Now they are introducing a new charming product: beaded Christmas decorations.

“We are very proud of our traditional Maasai beadwork which goes back hundreds of years,” tells Nasha Noosaron from the Maasai Rianda Women Group.



“Making these beadworks is a handicraft that we enjoy and are famous for, but it can be very hard to make a living off of creating only traditional Maasai jewelry. We are therefore eager to innovate and develop new products that may appeal to a larger market.”, tells Nasha.

Thanks to a donation of supplies from the Karen Blixen Camp Trust and support from Project Coordinator Fidelis Simanton Nkamasiai the first designs are now ready for sale and the hopes are high.

“This year we will introduce the new products to friends and guests of the Karen Blixen Camp and hopefully sell a good amount of the decorations so the women in the group can get additional income before Christmas.” says Nasha Noosaron.

“We are also looking for customers who will place large orders for next Christmas. This would provide the women with more steady work and income over the year that would allow our business to grow.” ends Nasha.



About the Maasai Christmas Decoration

Each Christmas decoration is handmade by one of the Maasai women in the Maasai Rianda Women Group. Each decoration has a small paper tag with the name of the woman who made the decoration and her personal story.

You can see the products and make your orders at the Maasai Rianda Women Group facebook

 Price: 4-7 USD each + transport fee.

For more information please contact: Project Coordinator, Fidelis Simanton Nkamasiai.

 Read more about the women projects and how you can contribute to empower the women in Mararianta Village here



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