The Mararianta Village School Program

The Mararianta Village School is a primary school only a few kilometers from the Karen Blixen Camp. The school has approximately 320 students, ages 4 -15, from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Parents of many of the children are employed as staff at Karen Blixen Camp. It is a goal to expand the school to include Grades 7 and 8 in the coming years. The school is owned and managed by the local community and it is approved by the Ministry of Education and National Environment Management Authority.


Click on the picture to see portraits photos of each student from 3. class in Mararianta Village School.


The Karen Blixen Camp Trust has an ongoing relationship and a close dialogue with the management of the school about their needs and future development. We support the local Mararianta Village School by providing school supplies and fundraising for large-scale projects, such as new school buildings.

Regional and local administrators, parents of the children, and the students themselves are aware of the commitment of the Trust and its donors to serve the educational needs of the local community. Such financial support also demonstrates tangible benefits of ecotourism for students and parents within the Mara North Conservancy.

Improved education improves the lives of children. These children are the future of Kenya as well as the conservationists of the future.


How you can contribute

Donations to the Karen Blixen Camp Trust supporting the Mararianta School can be accomplished in two ways. The first option is for guests at the Karen Blixen Camp to purchase a ticket to visit the Mararianta Cultural Manyatta. As one of the few tourism camps in the Maasai Mara, Karen Blixen Camp has joined other camps in establishing a special ticket system to ensure that the funds raised from ticket sales  go to the school and not to individuals.



The other option to provide financial support to the local Mararianta school is to make a donation to the Karen Blixen Camp Trust. When you make a donation in this way, you can allow us to utilize your “unrestricted” donation to fund the most urgent needs of the school, such as pens, paper, desks, or to add it a larger pool of money for deemed necessary major expansion projects such as a new meal program, new desks, or an additional classroom. You may also make a notation on your Paypal slip to have your donated funds directed to a specific purchase or activity.


Current school needs include:
•    Class rooms for Grade 7 and 8
•    More toilet facilities for the children
•    Improved toilet facilities for the teachers
•    A kitchen building, kitchen facilities and a budget for healthy food and kitchen staff so the children can have food during school
•    2 new water tanks, so the children can have clean water to drink during school



Click on above photo to see film from Mara Rianta Village School.                            Click on above photo to see a series of photos from the village school.